Willkommen bei 10Sent, the one-stop-shopping solution for beer gardens and restaurants

With 10SENT, you can 

  • order food & drinks via a QR code at your restaurant table with your smartphone

       check-in into the venue both you and your friends, in a Covid-19 compliant manner 

  • get notified when your order is ready for pick-up or serving all at one click, right from your table at the restaurant.
  • For beer garden and restaurant owners, 10SENT offers additional benefits such as maximum flexibility with regard to the ordering process: let 10SENT take care of your order-intake process and focus on your core competence: serving great food & drinks!
  • pay only as much as you need: every orderline (credit) comes at a fixed price of only 10 cents. max.; starter packs are available to test at virtually no risk (well, guess what? yet again it only costs you 10 cents when buying your first 300 credits). 
  • minimum ramp-up time: just download the web app on your iPad, laptop, or Macbook, print your QR codes at home  or in your office and you're ready to go
  •  plug&play: no download, no installation - our web browser-based design allows you to start in no time
  • plus many additional features such as OCR-supported menu import, integrated table management, and an in-process screen to track your orders behind the bar while preparing the orders.

In other words: more sales at lower cost - and all at maximum flexibility. Be our guest!

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